Hacking isn’t limited to high-profile Instagrammers. “Any account can be a target because if the hackers are successful, they can use the hacked account to try to get important information like credit card numbers, addresses, and PINs from other unsuspecting users,” Jonathan Simon says.


Turn on two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication requires users to enter a security code from an authentication app or their cell phone via text message (SMS) every time they log in to a new device—and it’s a solid deterrent to scammers. Meta offers this service, and you can set it up via the security page in the app.


Check your login activity


Keep an eye on your login activity, which can also be found under the security section of the app. There, you’ll see all the devices that your Instagram account is currently logged into, plus their geographic locations. If you see suspicious activity here, you can log out of those devices from your current one.


Check which third-party apps have access to your Instagram account


Granting third-party apps access to your account is an easy way to share content across different platforms, but it does come with some level of risk: Hackers can break into those apps and steal your Instagram login info. Head to your security settings, then click Apps and Websites to see what other apps have access to your Instagram account. Keep an eye out for any big data breaches that might affect those apps—if one happens, you’ll want to change your password immediately.


Enable auto-save


Though this measure won’t necessarily protect your account from hackers, it does give you a chance to save all your photos to your phone in the event you have your Instagram hacked and deleted. In the app, click on Settings, then Account, then Original Photos (iPhone) or Original Posts (Android), and make sure that Save is toggled on.




Yes, it is possible for a hacker to delete your Instagram account. However, it is unlikely that they would do so unless they had a specific reason for doing so. If you are concerned about your account being hacked, you can take steps to secure it by enabling two-factor authentication and using a strong password.