The eagle's talons draw an arc and release a thick divine power. The divine power spread to the sky and rolled down. Zang Tianji smiled coldly and said lightly, "I didn't expect anyone to enter the tomb of God, but the strength of the demigod realm is too weak for me. Whoo ha ha.." "Boom!" There was a loud bang. The giant claw pressed down and made a deep hole. For this reason. The figure of the Bull Demon King is also revealed. With a thick evil breath on his body, his eyes flashed a fine awn, staring coldly at the hidden secret, revealing two fangs that had not yet formed, ferocious to the extreme. Eh? "Zombies in the realm of demigods?" "Is it difficult for a God to change?" "Impossible, the gods buried in the tomb of the gods are washed by the water of the gods, and it is impossible for corpses to change.." Zang Tianji narrowed his eyes slightly and then said with a sneer, "I don't care if you're a corpse. If I find out, you're dead!" As soon as the word'death 'falls. The divine power suddenly spread out, and the feeling that the divine power filled the whole body made Zang Tianji almost comfortable. Sing up. Faint smile, figure like lightning, impact out, hands into claws, diffuse out of the claws directly wrapped around the Bull Demon King. The Bull Demon King was also angry. On the third floor, his heart was also full of anger, sending out bursts of low roars, and rushing out like thunder. Hum "I want to die!" …… Give a cold hum. Zang Tianji's long hair is surging in the air. The divine power on giant claw doubles growth,plastic pallet crates, eye pupil shrinks, the body rotates suddenly, roar: "Lie down to me!" Lie down to me! Divine power comes down from the sky. Like a huge war hammer, cut through the nine days of arrogant and incomparable bombardment. Strength is pure and honest. Almost beyond the realm of demigods. Horror. Extremely horrible. The Bull Demon King's face was pale, but he did not expect that the divine power of the hidden secret would be so vigorous. As soon as his mind moved, the evil breath squeezed in his body gushed out with the earth-shaking frenzy, and there was a roar in his throat. Rumble.. …… The two forces collided. With them as the center,secondary containment pallet, a strong shock wave of light was ejected at the speed of light. Cover the fourth floor. Whoo-ha-ha. An arrogant cold laugh sounded, and Zang Tianji's eyes were bloodshot like demons. The golden armor of the Bull Demon King was half broken, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, his face was pale, his whole body could not stop trembling, the ferocity of his face was more intense, and his eyes were cannibalistic. God-level armor. The armor that once exploded from the body of the corpse king was blown to pieces by the hidden secret. That blow. Had it not been for the golden armor, the Bull Demon King would not have been able to resist. God-level armor? "Hum, unexpectedly unexpectedly has the God level battle armor, but, resists to live once, may not pit the second time." Zang Tianji smiled and was stunned by the god-level gold armor on the Bull Demon King. He said to himself, "There is no lower God on the fourth floor, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and it is impossible for god-level armor to appear. Did he come in from the outside?" "Follow me from the beginning?" Think of this. Hidden secret eyes suddenly changed, the heart can not help but think of Qin Tian, can not help but say: "Is he?" "Kill first." My heart sank, and the killing in my eyes became more intense. The godhood ability absorbed in the body burst out crazily, and once again condensed into a towering hammer, covering the entire fourth layer! You can't hide. There is no escape. This time is more powerful than the previous one. But how. Treasures in the tomb of God can not be shared with others, in addition to their own more can not appear any living creatures, Zang Tianji thought of these in his heart, two hands tightly clenched, the body turned into a phantom, the power of God can not be suppressed burst out. Explosion "The Hammer of God's War." …… "Boom!" Plunging down in a dark, lifeless sky. With the roar of Zang Tianji, the sky cracked open, and the hammer of divine power was pressed down in the air. The Bull Demon King's eyes trembled. Young fists tightly clenched together, right foot one step, divine power to protect the whole body, soaring into the sky, directly facing the huge hammer. Not afraid of life and death! "Rumble." The power of God is raging. Break it up!! Suddenly. A voice suddenly remembered, and a figure flashed out of the entrance on the fourth floor. As soon as the voice fell, the divine power went straight to the sky, smashing the huge hammer of God into powder and breaking it into pieces. Zang Tianji's pupils shrank sharply. At a glance, his face was shocked. "God, God, the next God,," Chapter 540, endless devour. Thanks to'Sky Thunder Demon Soul '588 repeated rewards, Lao Niu is extremely grateful! The third chapter is delivered! ———— "How?" "How is that possible?" "Absolutely impossible." …… Hidden secret is completely in shock, staring at the nearby incarnation of the burly dark man, heart shock again and again, mind over and over again memories, just do not understand, how can there be a lower God in the tomb of God? He did not know that the next God in front of him was the incarnation of Qin Tianmo. He knows all about the tomb of the gods. Who the hell are you? Hidden secret eyes a twist, no longer to look at the side of the Bull Demon King, but coldly staring at the Demon God, constantly rolling in the Dantian, the divine power quietly refined out, like a fog quietly released. It's your ancestor! Qin Tian said nothing. All guns blazing. His heart was already full of anger. If he hadn't come in time, the Bull Demon King would have died at his hands. He had just been injured and felt guilty. If something happened to the Bull Demon King again, he would never forgive himself. So. There was only one thought in his mind at the moment, to blast away the hidden secret! The voice fell. The shadow flashed, almost instantly fell in front of the hidden secret, showing a devilish smile,plastic pallet suppliers, the palms were like cannons, and a divine force shot out from the palms. The gap between demigods and gods. That's not a little bit. Zang Tianji has reached the peak of demigod, but he is only a demigod. There is a substantial gap with the realm of God. I felt dizzy for a while. Everything came so fast that he had no idea that Qin Tian would suddenly make a move.