Seeing Princess Minghui's surprised face, Ling Xuejun knew that she had accidentally spilled the beans. She quickly said with a smile, "Back to Princess, I have no research on this peony flower. I can say that this flower is also a mistake." Afraid that Princess Minghui would not believe it, she added, "My fourth brother said before that there was a peony in Princess's house, which was very beautiful when it blossomed, and Princess liked it best.". As soon as I came, I saw that the peony was the most luxuriant, so I guessed whether it was the second Joe, but I didn't think I really guessed it. Then she giggled. Can you really guess so accurately? Princess Minghui pointed to a peony next to her and asked, "Xuejun, what is the name of this peony?" In her previous life, Ling Xuejun had lived in the princess's mansion for years. Naturally, she knew that the peony that Princess Minghui was referring to was Ge Jinzi. However, she didn't want to provoke Princess Minghui to think too much. So, she pretended to be hesitant and answered: "Princess, Xuejun boldly guessed that this one was Yao Huang?" "I guess wrong." Princess Minghui shook her head with a smile and said, "This one is Ge towel, and that one over there is Yao Huang." Then she pointed to a peony next to Erqiao. Seeing this, Ling Xuejun stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, "It seems that good luck is not always there." Seeing her naughty appearance, Princess Minghui and Ling Yurou could not help laughing out loud. After this time, Princess Minghui believed that Ling Xuejun was guessing at random, so she didn't think much about it,brass tube fitting, so she continued to introduce her precious peony to Ling Xuejun. There are so many peonies in the princess's garden. In another two months, the flowers will bloom. I don't know how beautiful the garden is. Ling Xuejun exclaimed. Not here. Ling Yurou said with a smile, "The princess has a courtyard at the foot of Nanyin Mountain, where there is a Mudan yuan. All the peonies planted in the garden are peonies found by the princess from all over the country, not only Yao Huang, Ge Jin Zi, Zhao Fen, but also dozens of peonies such as green calyx, jade plate,14 tube fitting, black beads and green.". Every year in April, the flowers are full of purples and Reds, and the fragrance of flowers is hundreds of miles. That is beautiful. Looking at Ling Yurou, who was clumsy in her previous life, and now talking about peony varieties like a few family treasures, Ling Xuejun was very happy for her. She said, "I really want to go and see what my second sister said." "There must be a chance to go." Princess Minghui looked at the two little girls with a smile and said, "In April, I'm going to hold a flower appreciation party in the other courtyard. Then I'll invite the princes and ladies in Beijing to come and enjoy the peony flowers. You two can also take the opportunity to see if there is anyone you like." Hearing this, Ling Xuejun was stunned. Could it be that Princess Minghui didn't know that Ling Yurou's heart belonged to her? She hurriedly turned her head and looked at Ling Yurou, looking at her face only shyly lowered her head, and did not speak. It seems that Princess Minghui really doesn't know about her. In this regard, Ling Xuejun felt a little strange in her heart, why didn't Ling Yurou tell Princess Minghui about it? On the way back from Hefengyuan, Ling Xuejun asked Ling Yurou why she didn't tell the princess about her intention. Hearing this, Ling Yu said softly with a faint smile, "This matter has not been written yet. He and I don't want to spread it yet.". When the matter is clear, I will mention it to the princess. Seeing that Ling Yurou did not want to say more, 14 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Ling Xuejun smiled and stopped asking. When Ling Xuejun arrived in the capital, just after the end of the New Year, the relatives and friends of the aristocratic families came to an end, just waiting for the spring blossoms, people or go for an outing or get together again in the name of flower appreciation. Without all kinds of elegant banquets, Ling Xuejun would not have to worry about meeting Gu Qian, and she suddenly felt much more relaxed, so she stayed in the princess's mansion with peace of mind. Although there are many people in the princess's mansion, only the princess Minghui and Ling Xuejun sisters are in the mansion all the year round. Ling Changjin wants to be on duty, Ling Yu has become an official, Ling Qin wants to go to the Academy to study, ready to participate in the autumn, so these three people are not in the house is a common thing. However, every double afternoon, Ling Yurou is not in the house. Although Ling Yu-rou had already graduated from the women's school, under the arrangement of Princess Minghui, she also studied painting under the seat of Mrs. Qin, a famous female painter in Beijing, so every two afternoons, she would go to the Qin Mansion to be taught. At this time, there were only two people in the mansion, Ling Xuejun and Princess Minghui. Ling Xuejun stay also bored, think of oneself in Fengyang follow Ling Jingya to learn to make cakes, every time make out, then call Ling Qin to try, Ling Qin also like to eat. In the two years since he left Fengyang, he had never eaten the cakes he made. When he was free, he made a dish of white jade yam cakes. After dinner, when everyone sat together and talked, she brought out the cakes and gave them to everyone to share. After Ling Qin tasted it, he shouted that it was delicious, but he was still not satisfied. He said that he was very angry these days and asked Ling Xuejun to make a plate of mung bean lotus seed cake for him when he was free. Hearing what Ling Qin said, Princess Minghui said that she was afraid of making Ling Xuejun's hands rough, so she ordered the blister man to make mung bean lotus seed cake for him to eat. To this, Ling Qin heart eldest brother is not happy, read a few times to say that the blister is not as delicious as Ling Xuejun. Seeing this, Ling Xuejun decided to find an opportunity to give him a plate of mung bean and lotus seed cake to fulfill his wish. The next day, just met the Academy Xiu Mu, Ling Qin will stay in the house to read. When Ling Xuejun woke up from her nap, she went to the small kitchen and made mung bean and lotus seed cakes hand in hand. Lotus seeds and mung beans have long been soaked and ground into pulp, and the flour has long been made, so it is easy to make them. It only takes more than an hour to make the fragrant mung bean lotus seed cake. Ling Xuejun carefully put the plate containing mung bean and lotus seed cake into the food box and let the green bud carry it in his hand. The master and servant went to Ling Qin's study. Walking outside the study, Ling Xuejun faintly heard the voice of Ling Qin reading poetry and books, thinking that later he would see his happy appearance when he brought cakes for him, and could not help chuckling. She reached out to take the food box from Qingya's hand, left Qingya outside the house, and walked briskly to the study. As soon as she reached the door, she raised her voice and shouted, "Look, fourth brother, what can I give you.." Before she had finished speaking, she choked back the rest of her words. Originally, this study, in addition to Ling Qin, there is a person. Someone she never wants to see again in this life. Gu Qian. Just like the last time outside the Juxian Teahouse,pipe fittings manufacturer, defenseless, Gu Qian's face bumped into her eyes again, making her body and mind tremble. Why is he here.